Autofocus 1.0.1: remove copyright notice

The Autofocus WordPress theme was designed for photographers or artists to display their own images, so there is an automatic copyright notice for the top image on a post, which displays on hover. The same function disables the right-click “view image.” But since I’m not using the blog to post only my own images, I don’t want © 2010 Taz showing up on other people’s work; I’m also not crazy about losing the right click functionality, since I use it all the time — to search using the Tineye Firefox add-on, for example. However, I was unable to find any tips about how to change this feature, so here’s what I did:

In the Single Post (single.php) template, I removed this line:

<span>&copy; <?php the_time('Y'); ?> <?php the_author(); ?></span>

Just remember, if you are going to edit any of the templates, it’s wise to save a good copy before fiddling around. I just save a txt file that I can copy/paste back into the edit window if I need to.

PHOTO CREDIT: photo by Sivi Steys