So. Hello, world, blah blah. This is the spot I’ve settled on to deposit all my bits and pieces, and it will be characteristically a bit of a mess. I finally decided that I would go ahead and and create a space to just stuff whatever, so this won’t be a polished, clever thematic thing. I’ll be pinning up photos and artwork by others that I find interesting or inspirational, shelving some books I’ve read and stacking some that I want to read, and leaving scattered notes and reminders about items that have caught my attention. I’ll have a little drawer for handy gadgets, mostly digital/web related, and a file for my own snapshots and art, as well as a few recipes jotted down on the back of envelopes. I may very well talk about my dog, I’m just warning you.

Just so we don’t start with a lie, I didn’t actually write this post or start this site on October 31, 2010. I really created the site on Nov. 21, but I wanted to test what my semi-self-rolled archive page would do with this back-dated post, and it’s also a good way to set this one off from the rest.

Since I’m using the original Autofocus 1.0.1 WordPress theme to kick this off, I’ll be sharing whatever (possibly) helpful tips I come across or fashion myself for massaging the installation.

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I don’t know who shot the photo above, but I love it, and it’s a pretty close approximation of what the inside of my head looks like, so perhaps suitable for this post. It’s actually a photo of part of the Shakespeare & Co. Antiquarian Bookstore in Paris, and you can read a bit more about it at Spot Cool Stuff’s list of cool bookstores (it’s #5). Or see  Shakespeare & Co. on Wikipedia.

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